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I don’t know what the Daily Mail is up to these days, but I think that it is becoming more and more pornographic day by day. If you check out some of the comments that people leave after having read an article, they are often not that charming or flattering. So what is going on? To me, it seems a little bit strange as Sandhurst escorts of are not really allowed to advertise in the press. The photos of the girls here at the agency are less pornographic than many of the bikini images that the Daily Mail displays.


It is not only the Daily Mail that goes about their business in this way. Page three girls are still popular and many of them seem to be wearing less and less. That is not right neither and I have to say that I think that the photos are cheap and nasty. I would never dream of posing like that, and I think that is true for most of the girls here at Sandhurst escorts as well. There is no need to show off everything that you have got, but I can understand that people may feel it is. But, is ti porn? If it is not porn, it is very close to it, and we should think twice before support the daily press.


Sex has always been used to sell things like paper and magazines, but now when the images are becoming more and more explicit, I think it is worth your while to check things out a bit more. Should we use porn to sell stuff? Porn in itself is sale, and I think that we should be careful with how we use it. I honestly believe that pornographic images do not really sell an item, but they sell porn itself. Most of my friends from the escorts agency is with me on this one, and it is not only Sandhurst escorts that feel this way. Many other girls do as well.


Why are ladies such as Sandhurst escorts so passionate about this topic? Most of the images are of ladies and not so much of men, and I think that it goes back to that. In many ways I feel that this new style of advertising does not really do ladies any good, and I keep wondering if we should allow us to be shown off in this way. After all, women are still lower paid than many men, and this is not the way to go about promoting women in a positive light.


Sure enough, a lot of ladies don’t think that Sandhurst escorts set the best example neither. I can see where they are coming from but I think that you should speak to some of us girls before they judge us too harshly. Sometimes I get really tired of being thought of as a sex worker or prostitutes. That is not what I am about at all really, and if women bothered to find that out, they would learn a lot more about what escorting is all about. I hate being judged by other women who not know anything about escorting at all, and the other girls at the agency feel the same way.

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