When A Secret is Not A Secret


I have never made it a secret that I would like to be a porn star. Ever since I started to watch porn movies, I have been seriously dreaming about becoming a porn star and work for one of the leading studios. The only problem is that I know that it can be hard to break into the industry. I thought that I would join London escorts so that I could save up money to have a go at a porn career. But then I got sidetracked, and I have ended up staying with London escorts for longer than I should have done.

The girls that I work with at London escorts know that I have got this dream of being a porn star. A couple of them have had a go but they all had a hard time breaking into the industry. Most of them ended up coming back to London escorts and a couple of them have successful escort careers in places like Las Vegas and Los Angeles. I guess I would not mind that so much, it may even be more exciting than working for London escorts.

Do porn star companions make more money? The girls at work who have even had brief porn star career do make more money than the rest of the girls. It seems that a lot of gents really do have a thing about dating companions who have been porn stars. Telling someone that your girlfriend was a porn star must be something very special. It is one of the reasons I would like to have a go at being a porn star. I would just love to date some of the serious “high-rollers” who come into London looking for porn star companions.

What do I have to lose? I really don’t have anything to lose. Thanks to London escorts, I have been able to buy my own flat. I don’t have a mortgage on it and I guess that I could rent that out for a year. It would probably take me at least a year to give a porn star career a go. The income from the flat would give me enough money to live on, and I could always find a job on the side. Yes, it would mean giving up London escorts and that does worry me. I really like working for this escort agency in London.

Would I stay abroad? If things did not work out for me, I think that I may stay and work abroad for a while. It would be exciting to find out what it is like to work as escorts in Los Angeles. I have been out to Los Angeles a couple of times and I simply love it. It is one of those places that I would love to live in.

I know that many top escort agencies in L.A look for London escorts all of the time. They know it is popular to date London escorts. If all else failed, I guess that I could always become a really high-class affordable companion and make my money that way until I met the right guy.