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Only thirty seconds had passed since the last time he had seen, but it was about thirty minutes. He was sure the meeting had been arranged for seven hours, just to make sure he had arrived ten minutes earlier, Lewisham Escorts from says. The agreed meeting took place outside this famous restaurant – Italian Villa. It was a nightmare to park nearby, but somehow he found a place directly opposite the restaurant. Before leaving home, he had cut his beard and wrapped his hair again, and of course his shoes were shiny, Lewisham Escorts says. He casually wore a dark shirt and dark trousers, but softened the effect with a slightly polished jacket. It was his first meeting with the woman, and of course he trembled like a proverbial leaf! They have been communicating via the internet for more than six weeks, and he has called several times, Lewisham Escorts says. However, this is the first real direct meeting, and as everyone knows, first impressions are always important. He looked at the clock again, but the second hand finished half the revolution again. He had warned him that he was a terrible time dog, but a cold-blooded feeling began to catch him. What will he do if he doesn’t show up? He knew for certain that he was not the biggest “catch” on the ground, and because of his years of divorce he was truly “out” with someone, he was really out of training, Lewisham Escorts says. At his first meeting, he was just as nervous as a teenager. Will he recognize it? He only saw a small picture, not too clear, but he described what he would wear tonight. Worse, he began to rain so easily, and when he saw his watch, he decided that the second hand had ended the revolution; 7:30. He looks at the road again, Lewisham Escorts says. A dark-haired woman, relatively small but full of standing at a traffic light, waiting to cross. He wore a black and white striped dress with a black velvet jacket and matching shoes. The bag is also black and white. He returns his brain to remember what he said – black and white dress! “That should be,” he muttered as he crossed the road toward him, Lewisham Escorts says. He approached, and now he could see his face more clearly. Again he tried to remember the picture he saw about him. “That should be,” he muttered as he began to tremble with anticipation. His heart beat very fast as he approached. It looked exactly like he had imagined when he talked to him on the phone and was very interested in the owner of the voice, Lewisham escorts says. He is now only a few feet away, and he freezes when he stands still. “Hi Richard, I’m sorry I’m late, but I’ve warned you, are we going in because it’s wet and I’m starving? He knows it’s there, and then he won’t lose it, because Richard is watching has broken all the rules. Who said that” love at first sight “isn’t there?

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