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We all dream and have sexual fantasies, and some of them are very different. A group of beautiful Kent escort from recently asked our resident sex expert Dra Annie Gonzaga about sexual fantasies. Some of the Kent escorts who visited our offices though that some gents they meet have the oddest fantasies, and they cannot understand where they all come from. Dra Gonzaga was quick to point out that sexual fantasies our healthy, and they go to prove that our bodies our healthy and we can still enjoy sex.
So, where do sexual fantasies come from? Dra Gonzaga explained to the Kent escorts that we don’t know where all of our fantasies come from. We seem to have dark recesses in our minds that for some reason or other seem to be able to create the most bizarre fantasies. For most of the time, they are perfectly healthy and that Kent escorts should not worry about them. Most fantasies will forever remain fantasies and we will not get around to playing them out. As a matter of fact, if we played some of our fantasies out, she told the Kent escorts, we would end up being disappointed.
How should we approach our fantasies, and should we indeed try to live them out to make them real? Dra Gonzaga told the Kent escorts that many men and women would like to act their fantasies out. However, Dra Gonzaga also pointed out to the assembled Kent escorts, that many fantasies can be dangerous to act out as we may get emotionally hurt. A common fantasy is to have sex with many partners, but this is a fantasy that can go very badly wrong. She told the Kent escorts that this fantasy can lead to feeling of guilt, and jealousy as we may become jealous of our partner. Swingers sometimes say that they may feel a touch of jealousy or envy when they party, but they do also have very much of a party sexual attitude towards many things sex. If you do fancy experimenting in sex fantasy land, you should talk you fantasy through with your partner first of all, Dra Gonzaga pointed out to the Kent escorts. It could be that your partner does not get turned in by your fantasy, and may not want to participate. Then it becomes very important to recognize and respect this fact.
One of the Kent escorts said that the most unusual fantasies that she had come across was a gentleman who wanted to have sex on balcony with several ladies. He wanted to be watched by people on the surrounding balconies as he was taking his pleasure, and afterwards he wanted them all to come over to rate the performance of his ladies. After that, they would all have one mass orgy that would go on for hours. Dra Gonzaga said to the Kent escorts that it seemed a bit unusual but this just had to do with sex in public places, and many partners. It just combined to of the most common fantasies, and made it into one.

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