I was a bit surprised when I found myself doing a lot of the ground work for West Midland escorts.

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Suddenly my job has moved away from being just another personal assistant, and I found myself more or less running the escorts service. It was not really what I had bargained for but I was certainly ready for a challenge. I realized that I had learned a lot along the way, and working in the porn industry in London, had taught me that there is a huge need for this kind of entertainment. Our company was doing really well, and was very profitable at the same time.



My boss, Alan, is a lovely guy and we get on really well. After a couple of months of running both business, Alan realized that it was a bit too much for him. One day, he called me into his office for a chat. I was wondering what was going on, because this isn’t the sort of thing that Alan would normally do. In fact, it was right out of character and I thought he was angry with me, we always used to have nice informal chats. I have to admit that I was totally taken back when he asked me to become the managing director of West Midland escorts.


My new job


In the end, I did agree to take on running the escorts service. I thought I was not really prepared for it, but after a couple of days, it dawned on me that it was what I had been doing for a little while. It did however feel strange, and in a way I felt really exposed. But, fortunately for me, it was kind of easy as I knew all of the girls. Of course, there was also the link to the movie company, and if I needed advice, I could always ask Alan. He was my anchor and my rock.


Now, a couple of years later, I am more than settled in my new role. I have my own personal assistant, and I enjoy running the agency. It was a bit awkward advertising for a persona assistant for an escort’s service, and loads of people said no. In the end, I ended up with a really nice transvestite guy as a personal assistant, and I love him to bits.


West Midland escorts is doing really well, and my office is next to Alan. Every morning as I arrive at my office in West Midland, I cannot believe my luck. I started off as a personal assistant and eventually I became one of the biggest madams in London. I love my girls and they seem to love me. Not only do I really love my girls, but I love Alan as well, and last year we got married. We have a great life together, and arrive every morning at work with a smile on our faces, and with our five little dogs. Sometime in life we need to seek happiness to ease our problem.

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