I did not expect that my marriage life will be turned out to be something terrible


I marry the person I was with for seven years, for me she is the woman I love to have for the rest of my life. I really wanted to have a beautiful family, a complete and happy something I haven’t experienced before. According to Knightsbridge escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/knightsbridge-escorts.

I grew up in a broken family, perhaps my hard work and determination in life are because of it. I am inspired more whenever I think about my old mom; she helps me to finish my studies and everything. Because of her, I had able to reach all my dreams, and she was there to support and guide me throughout my journey. My mother chooses to be alone than being with my father, which is I accept later on. I knew she was beaten a couple of times by my alcoholic dad. My dad does not work anymore and asked money for mom to his vices. Instead, he is the provider of the family; he becomes a burden already. And so mom decided to annul their marriage. Yes, even though my father was not kind to us, I still keep looking for a dad. Every time I have a school event; no one could attend me because my mother is busy with our everyday survival. But instead of being stuck in the past, I used it as my motivation and inspiration. My mom and I have no problem because we help each other and I understand her more.

During my college years, I look for work to help finance my education. I knew it would be more expensive for us. I become a crew and together, I study hard. I did not abandon my education despite difficulties in life. I am still struggling sometimes.

Not until I find comfort with Stella Brooke, she is the librarian of the school. I often go to the library and spend my lunch or free time there. I notice Stella whenever you got to see her near her brown eyes blend on her complexion. She is a beautiful lady, and it was an accident when I left my phone in the library. She looked for me and gave me back my phone. I was so embarrassed because I only have simple to offer with her. I asked her if she wants to eat a snack in a less expensive restaurant and said yes. And that is the start of our friendship,  which later on an official relationship.

Eventually, we get married but it seems in the first year living together is not good. I book a Knightsbridge Escorts to bursts out y pain, and she recommended me to go for a Marriage Counseling. I invited my wife to try Marriage Counseling. Well, it was a life-changing decision and enlighten us. Our marriage life has changed from being miserable to harmonious and love. For me, Marriage Counseling Actually Make a Difference

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