When too much is simply just too much


Have you ever felt like you are completely overwhelmed? I left London escorts to live with this guy I met at the gym. He is 20 years older than me, and although I love him, I did not realise how much would be expected of me. Not only does he want me to be his little bit of sugar behind closed doors, but at the same time he wants me to be the perfect lady at all of these functions that he goes to. Like I have said to my friends at charlotte London escorts, it feels like this should be a full time paid position.

Honestly, I am working harder than I have ever done. He made it sound so glamorous when he said that he was a mason, and attended all of these charities do’s. Of course I was used to going to business functions with London escorts, but this has turned out to be a totally different ball game. It is nothing like dating and working for charlotte London escorts at all, and I feel like I am doing too much.

After my London escorts shift, I used to come home and chill out. Now when I come home, I am expected to be that perfect little sugar babe, and it is a bit like working all of the time. We are out at least three times during the week, and when we come home, it is normally at least midnight. The thing is that this guy expects me to keep up appearances as well, and the next day I up getting ready for the next party or shopping for a new outfit. The girls I used to work with at charlotte London escorts think that I have got this glamorous lifestyle but the truth is rather different to be honest.

It is not that I like him, but I feel like I am being rather used. Our relationship is loving but at the same time rather clinical. He does not want me to meet up with the girls from London escorts, and that has upset me to a certain extent. I don’t like sneaking behind his back to have lunch with the girls from charlotte London escorts. Sure I appreciate that he has rather a prestigious position both at work and privately, but I am not sure that I can continue to live like this. I feel like I have taken on rather a lot for a girl my age.

Do I miss charlotte London escorts? I miss working for charlotte London escorts like mad, and I also miss the girls that I worked with at the escort in south London. This life is a little bit like bing on permanent display and I am not sure that it is meant for me. It is all about work, and I just don’t feel like I am having any fun in my life at all. Sure it was exciting for the first couple of months, but now I am not sure that I can handle any more ladies lunches or fundraising nights with his masonic friends. I feel like I am totally spent and “loved out” like one of the other ladies I have got to know says. When she first told me that being married, or in a relationship with one of this guys was like having a full time job, I did not believe her. Now I know exactly what she means.

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