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My name is only really just Lizzy but they call me sexy Lizzy here at Woodford Green escorts. It makes me laugh. Since I arrived here in the UK, I have noticed that nicknames is something that is very popular and most people seem to have one. Where I come from, nick names are not that common and some people think that they are a bit insulting. Bur really, I don’t have a problem with my name nick name.

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I like being sexy, and I am sure that most other girls working for Woodford Green escorts feel the same way. We are really into being sexy and staying hot and sexy for our gents at the agency. I love the fact that the UK is kind of liberated when it comes to escorting. Where I come from, escorting is not that common and if it is found, you can say that it is frowned up on. I find it amazing that countries have such a different attitude to escorting.

In all honesty, I had not planned on becoming an escort and working for Woodford Green escorts was not on my mind when I moved to London. At the time I wanted to be a model but it did not work out for me. It is so competitive to try to break into model and I am sure that a lot of girls fail. Most of them probably end up going home but I did not want to do. I quickly realised that I liked living in the UK and that I wanted to stay. As a matter of fact, I don’t want to go back home at all.

This thing with Brexit worries me a little bit. If the government of the UK will not allow me to stay in my own right, I am thinking about getting a Sugar Daddy. Some of the girls here at the escort agency are already trying to find a sugar daddy. They know that if they find a sugar daddy, they are much more likely to be able to stay in the UK. At the moment, most of us girls here at Woodford Green escorts are a bit worried about our futures, but I am sure that it will be alright.

When I was younger, I did not think that I would end up being an escort. I wanted to live the glamorous life of a model, but now I have found out that it is not very glamorous at all. Some of the girls that I work with at Woodford Green escorts were models for a little while, but they soon learned that they would not make enough money. A lot of them went back home and gave up their dreams. When I go back home, I see them work in supermarkets and places like that. That is not for met at all, so I am glad that I have stayed here in London and made the most of it.

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