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I have always had this huge need to find the right love for me. It seems that I have looked everywhere for that perfect love, but I have never really been able to find him. When I worked for London escorts, I was in a lot of different relationships but was never able to find the right guy. Since leaving the agency, and moving out of London, I have taken a new look on life, and have even been able to find the love of my life.

Just like so many other people living in London, I was desperate to get out of London. London is growing so rapidly these days, and a lot of people feel like they are being pushed out. It is so expensive to live in London that a lot of people cannot afford to do so these days. I was just getting tired of the high living costs, pollution and many of the other things that bugged me on a daily basis. My job with London escorts was fine, and I had managed to carve out a really good career for myself with the agency.

One weekend, I went down to Hampshire with one of the other girls from the sexiest London escorts. She had grown up there, and wanted to show me what it was like. After a couple of days spent in her family’s cottage, I fell in love with the place and knew that I wanted to live there. Fortunately, I had enough money in the bank to buy a place and I ended up living in this little village called Stockbridge.

Stockbridge was the most gorgeous place on earth in my opinion. It had a pretty little stream running through it and you even got ducks walking down the high street. To me it was a million miles away from London and working at London escorts. I decided to take some time out of life as I called it, and just chill out. Stockbridge was the perfect place to do so. It was busy with nice restaurants where you could get a meal, and lots of things to do. I took to walking in the country side and loved every minute if it.

However, despite getting a dog from the local rescue center, I started to feel a bit lonely. I was beginning to miss the companionship of my gents from London escorts. The autumn was closing in, and sitting in front of a fire place on your own, was not the same thing as having a cuddle with somebody. Little did I know that the love of my life was waiting for me next door? Alan had lived in Stockbridge most but had been working abroad for the last five years. But this year he had decided to return home, and we met an autumn;s day. It was love at first sight and today, five years later on, we share Alan’s much larger cottage with our dogs and cats. A very different lifestyle from London and I have even learned how to make jam. Escorts


You probably would not think that a girl from Woodford escorts would have very strict dating criteria in her personal life, but I really do. When I am not meeting up with gents at the escort agency, I am actually pretty fussy about the sort of guys that I hang around with. There is a certain criteria that they have to meet and I think that it is has helped me to keep my life on the level. Spending time with another human being is never easy.

The first thing about any date is that he needs to be a bit independent. I don’t like men who are too clingy at all. As a matter of fact it turns me off. Some men these days seem to be totally insecure about themselves, and that is a big NO for me. The gents that I date at Woodford escorts are normally a bit older and seem to be more confident. I suppose that is why I am kind of hooked on more confident guys and enjoy spending time with them. Just like my hot dates at the agency.

I also need my dates to be able to stand on their own two feet financially. Just like some of the other girls at the agency, I earn pretty good money and can pay my own way. I hate it when men starting money about not being able to afford stuff. It is one of the things that really turns me off, and I like being spoiled. Yes, I do spoil myself, but at the same time most of my dates from Woodford escorts spoil me as well. It is a nice feeling and makes you feel like you are being appreciated. I think all girls like that.

On top of that, there is nothing like a well dressed men. All of my dates at Woodford escorts turn up smartly dressed and always look good. On a more personal basis, I have had some guys turn up dressed terribly and it has really turned me off. I don’t know why so many guys think it is okay to turn up for a date dressed like a scruff. After all, most women make a real effort when they go out and I think that guys should do the same thing. Look good to feel is what I like to say.

Am I looking for a sugar daddy? I would not be the first girl at Woodford escorts to look for a sugar daddy. More and more girls are beginning to look for sugar daddies. It may not be the best thing to do, but if you want to have some fun in your relationship, I think that the sugar daddy concept goes along way. I love the way some of my more senior gents at Woodford escort services treat me. They make me feel like I am their little princess and that really gets me going. Perhaps I should just be honest with myself and say that I am looking for somebody to be my sugar daddy.

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