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Here at the Better Sex offices are resident Sex Expert Dr. Jane Brown is always standing by to deal with your sexual health problems. Dr. Brown used to work as part of a team of London escort before she completed her PhD, and is always interested to hear from our readers with any type of problems related to sex.

Dr. Brown strongly believes that we don’t talk enough about sex, and she now actively encourages Tottenham Escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/tottenham-escorts to talk more freely about sex, and she is also proud to be an ambassador for better sex.

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If you have any type of sexual problems, please feel free to write into our Better Sex column, and Dr. Brown or one of our resident Tottenham Escorts will be happy to answer your questions.

This week Dr. Brown answers a question from a lady who seems to think that she if too fat to have sex. I hope all our readers enjoy this week’s column. Next week we will be running a music special here at Better Sex, and our panel of Tottenham Escorts will be voting for the sexiest music of all time.

Dear Dr. Brown

I firmly believe that my weight is stopping me from having sex. From quite early on, I have always been quite a large girl and I have tried many diets but none of them seem to work for me.

I am worried that men are put off by my size and do not want to have sex with me for that reason. My tummy is not that big but let’s say that my hips are well rounded, and my bosom is very large. As a matter of fact, I seem to store fat around my breasts which make them appear massive, and I have to have special bras made.

On top of that, I don’t feel that my body would look great in sex lingerie so I have never bought any. Dr. Brown, can you help me please.

Special Bra Girl in Distress

Dear Special Bra Girl in Distress,

I am really sorry that you feel this way because this is a body issue that lives in your mind, not in anybody else mind. Let me reassure you and say that there are many plus size porn models and Tottenham Escorts out there, and they are all very busy. There are a lot of men who would just love to date a larger lady, and I think I have a few names in my little black book. At the end of today, I am going to go ahead and email them to you.

You sent me your picture and let me tell you are just stunning. Unfortunately, weight is such an issue in our society today, and we make too much of it.

The media nurture weight problems and photos of skinny Tottenham Escorts appear everywhere. I would personally like to see some sexy images of plus size Tottenham Escorts because I know how much men like them

You talk about your well rounded hips and large bosom. A lot of men do like a curvy girl, and would love to date you. I am not always 100% confident about my own body, but my 34E bust seem to hit home with most men. Men do like a generous bust, so you need to stop worrying about that. Learn to enjoy your body, and I am sure you will find somebody to enjoy your body with you.

Dr. Jane Brown

I hope you enjoyed this week’s column, and we are always standing by to deal with your sex problems. Next week Dr. Brown will be sharing her “Up Your Libido Diet” with us.

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