Barnes escorts on smoking pot

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I don’t smoke pot personally but I know that a lot of people do. The police seems to be coming down hard on pot smokers but I really wonder if they should be doing so. Most people that smoke pot only do so for themselves and I don’t think that it is doing any harm. In all honesty, does the police not have bigger issues to worry about when it comes to the law. The girls here at Barnes escorts know of a lot of problems.

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Under age prostitution is a big problem in society today. In this part of London we are not seeing a lot of it but I do know of places in London where it is a huge a problem. Trafficking gangs seem to be working without being caught at all and it is pretty frightening. The girls and I here at Barnes Cray escorts support a local charity which works really hard to deal with under age prostitution.

When I grew up in London, this never used to be a problem at all. It is only in recent years it has become a huge problem and I rally don’t know how we are going to handle it going forward. I am sure that most of the girls who have ended up working as under age prostitutes do not have very much of a few future and most be going though some pretty horrific experiences. The police says that they do not have enough resources, but they could divert resources from other projects.

One girl who works for Barnes escorts says that she knows of an apartment with lots of under age girls. They do not seem to speak a lot of English and live in the most cramped conditions. She has actually mentioned it to the local welfare department at the council and they said that they would look into it. So far, nothing seems to have happened and it really makes you wonder what is going on in the world today.

Another couple of the girls here at Barnes escorts have spoken to a group of young girls who seem to have been promised the world by a couple of guys. They have actually paid for their passage to the UK but seemed to have ended up working as prostitutes. So far they have not actually said so much to my friend but it really sounds like they are in a lot of trouble. Most of the girls here at Barnes escorts would like to help more but it is not easy. What do you do when nobody wants to listen to what you have got to say? It is frustrating and clearly there are a lot of dangers things going on in our society. What is going to happen to these girls? I am not so sure what happens to them, but it seems that the police does not seem to be too keen on acting on information supplied to them. Can they really help?

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